Should You Seek Recovery for Covid-19 Loss From Your Insurance Company?

May 28, 2020    •    2 min read

Business Interruption and Liability Claims Arising Out of the Coronavirus Pandemic May Be Covered by Insurance

In addition to the tremendous impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on our daily lives, health and safety throughout the world, it has created uncertainty and incalculable financial strain on the global economy and businesses everywhere.  For many industries and businesses, the financial losses have begun to mount.

If your business has suffered COVID-19 related losses, now is the time to consider whether some, or all, of those losses are potentially compensable under your business insurance policies.

Many businesses are protected by business interruption insurance coverage, typically found in their property insurance policy that may be applicable to Coronavirus-related losses. This type of coverage is designed to protect against loss of profits or reduction in earnings or income. The Ohio General Assembly is currently considering legislation that may require coverage for certain pandemic-related losses suffered by small businesses.

There are several different types of business interruption coverage that may be available.  Click here to read more about each claim type.

Businesses faced with business interruption losses or liability claims related to the Coronavirus should review their policies to determine whether they have coverage.  In instances where an insured believes that a particular loss or claim may be covered by insurance, notice should be promptly given to the carrier.  Insurers will often deny coverage on the basis that business interruption is not covered by the policy due to certain policy conditions not being met, or because the claimed loss does not satisfy certain requirements of the policy.  However, coverage could very well be available to a business for Coronavirus-related losses and claims depending upon the specific facts and policy language at issue.

For questions related to business interruption claims or COVID-19 insurance-covered losses, contact a member of our Insurance Recovery & Litigation Practice today.

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