Our Client Service Promise

Our promise places Buckingham clients at the center of everything we do. We believe the practice of law is as much about the experiences we create as it is the legal counsel we provide. Thus, we focus on achieving your success and creating a lasting and trusting relationship with you. We do this because although we help businesses, at the heart of it all we impact people; a job we do not take lightly. Our Client Service Promise is made for and informed by you, our clients. Your feedback shapes our vision and goals for elevating the experience you will have when partnering with us. Here is what you should expect from Buckingham:

We start each engagement with attention and care

We begin earning your trust from day one. Introductions to every member of your client service team, a welcome call to uncover your significant milestones and goals, and a kick-off meeting with your team and ours are just a few ways we elevate your experience with us.

We get to know you and understand your business

You will see our commitment to understand the way your business operates, its challenges, opportunities, and industry trends —this is the foundation on which our counsel is built. We also invest in knowing what it’s like to be in your shoes by being with you in your offices, at your work sites, in your strategic planning sessions and more.

We deliver best-in-class experiences

We tailor how we work for each individual client. From asking your preferred mode of communication, to selecting the right meeting space to meet your needs, to personally introducing you to another member of the team—no small detail is overlooked. There is a full team of attorneys and professional staff supporting you to make you feel as important as we believe you are.

We seek your feedback

We embrace a culture of change and innovation. This means we regularly seek and act on your feedback. Our commitment to continuous improvement through the lens of our clients is what allows us to continually provide new solutions, processes and enhanced services.

We align expectations in order to exceed them

Through honest conversations about fee structures, billing preferences, communication styles and understanding your definition of success, we take action to be on the same page as our clients. We strive to prevent surprises when it comes to the strategies, resources and costs required to handle your matter.

We never take you for granted

We will always be grateful for the opportunity to work alongside you. We stand committed to investing the time and resources to nurture the trust and respect we’ve built together.