One of the most fundamental objectives of a successful business is to minimize expenses while maximizing profits. As business owners and CFOs, you work diligently to manage spending and maintain a stable business model. While reducing exposure to taxes can appear straightforward, there are many gray areas of taxation that may leave businesses blindly overpaying. That’s where we step in.   Our attorneys work directly with you and your accountants to help you maximize savings without compromising your business plans. We advise you on certain actions you can take to avoid paying unnecessary taxes, and at times when your business plan requires you to take on additional expenses, we help you determine the best way to incur that expense.   We have been recognized for our work in the field of taxation and are actively involved in drafting Ohio tax legislation. Our attorneys stay knowledgeable with respect to tax developments and cutting-edge tax plans. We follow them, teach them, write about them, and use that knowledge to better serve you and your business. Our top priority is to tailor our tax planning initiatives to align with your core business objectives so we can spare you preventable expenses and in turn, save you money.

Areas of Practice

  • • Business
  • • Nonprofit & Foundation
  • <strong>Taxation: Transactional Structuring</strong> <ul> <li>Bankruptcy and Debt-Relief</li> <li>Bankruptcy Tax</li> <li>Business Succession Planning</li> <li>Choice of Business Entity (regular and S corporation, general/limited partnership, limited liability company or proprietorship)</li> <li>Charitable Gifts</li> <li>Divorce Tax</li> <li>Financing and Capitalization</li> <li>Foreclosures and Repossessions</li> <li>International Sales (inbound and outbound)</li> <li>Joint Ventures</li> <li>Like-Kind Exchanges</li> <li>Liquidations</li> <li>Mergers and Acquisitions</li> <li>Qualification for Tax Exempt Status</li> <li>Reorganizations</li> <li>Ruling Requests</li> <li>Sales of Business Interests, Real or Personal Property</li> <li>Sales/Use Tax Minimization (Ohio and Multi-State)</li> <li>Tax Shelters</li> </ul> <strong>Taxation: Tax Controversies</strong> <ul> <li>Administrative Appeals</li> <li>Audits (federal and state income, excise, estate and gift taxes, state sales, property and franchise taxes)</li> <li>Criminal Tax Investigations</li> <li>Litigation in State and Federal Courts including United States Tax Court, Federal Court of Claims, Ohio Board of Tax Appeals and Ohio Supreme Court</li> </ul> <strong>Taxation: Government Advocacy</strong> <ul> <li>Counseling, Drafting and Advocacy For or Against Tax Legislation</li> <li>Negotiation of Settlements and Structured Payments of Tax Liabilities for Taxpayers Under Financial Constraints</li> </ul>

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