At the heart of your institution lies your biggest asset, your students. Our attorneys are here to instill in you the power, knowledge and confidence to help you protect them, ensure their safety, and maintain a successful and compliant environment for both students and staff.   Our attorneys take the time to understand your academic culture and unique issues so we are able to provide a personal approach to our legal services. Our experience representing and working in partnership with private colleges, public institutions and universities allows us to adapt the way we do business to parallel your own. We work hard to ensure we function seamlessly within your environment, rather than trying to mold you to fit within ours.   Whether it's finance, litigation, privacy laws, employment relations, or construction matters, we have handled it on behalf of our clients. No matter the issue, our knowledgeable and experienced team will prepare to assist you in finding the best possible resolution so we can keep you, your institution, and your students safe.   Buckingham is proud to be an affiliate member of AICUO and of the Five Colleges of Ohio, Inc.

Areas of Practice

  • • Construction Contracting
  • • Employment Relations and Labor Matters
  • • Environmental
  • • Finance
  • • Intellectual Property Management, including licensing and technology transfer agreements
  • • Litigation
  • • Major Gifts and Estate Planning
  • • Public Law
  • • Real Estate and Appropriation
  • • Workers' Compensation
  • <strong>Other School Law</strong> <ul> <li>Special Education</li> <li>Open Enrollment</li> <li>Equal Access</li> <li>Open Meetings</li> <li>Anti-Trust</li> <li>Privacy Law Compliance (FERPA, Clery Act)</li> <li>Crime Reporting</li> <li>Discipline Issues</li> <li>Campus Risk Assessment</li> </ul>

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