Public Law

Because we understand how government agencies function, we align the way we serve you to fit within the unique parameters in which you conduct business.   Our attorneys represent government agencies of varying shapes and sizes including counties, townships, villages, state agencies, public colleges and universities, housing authorities, park districts and school districts. We serve as general and special counsel on diverse matters ranging from legislation and litigation to employment law and zoning.  This familiarity gives us tremendous insight into your most complex situations.   Due to our decades of experience in public law, we understand the unique issues you face. We recognize the constraints on your ability to act - and the ways in which you can and cannot communicate - in certain circumstances. We know how specific laws affect your operations and we are aware of the special legal requirements that bind public bodies. You can feel supported knowing our attorneys have a deep familiarity of your needs, and are dedicated to helping you resolve issues and produce positive results.

Areas of Practice

  • • Advice on and drafting of legislation and regulations regarding the financial services industry, the administration of federal, state and municipal funds and debts
  • • Bond Counsel
  • • Borrower, Bank, Underwriter and Issuer Counsel
  • • Finance
  • • Litigation
  • • Open Meetings and Public Records Requirements
  • • Real Estate
  • • Representation before federal and state agencies regarding approval of methods for disbursing both general and targeted assistance funds
  • • State Audit Proceedings and Findings
  • • Tax Settlements with County Budget Commissions
  • • Tort and Civil Rights Cases
  • • Zoning Matters

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