Breakfast with Buckingham
How to Handle Changes to Overtime Exemptions Discussion & Workshop


October 30, 2019
7:45AM to 9:00AM


Buckingham Akron Office
3800 Embassy Parkway, 1st Floor Conference Center
Akron, OH 44333

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Changes to the minimum salary for overtime exemption could have a maximum impact on your business.

The Department of Labor has announced an update to the minimum salary for overtime exemption from $23,660 ($455/week) to $35,568 ($684/week), effective January 1, 2020. This change will significantly increase the number of employees who are entitled to receive overtime pay, and in turn, raise many issues that you as an employer will need to navigate.

Join us for a discussion and workshop on October 30, 2019, led by our Employment & Labor attorneys, to discuss the following topics:

  • How to transition exempt employees to nonexempt employees
  • When to count bonuses and commissions towards the salary exemption threshold
  • How to handle morale issues surrounding:
    • changing employees from exempt to nonexempt; and
    • requiring employees to keep their time and clock-in and out
  • How to train employees to properly keep their time and which timekeeping systems to consider
  • How the change may impact your existing policies, including PTO, vacation time, meal breaks, timekeeping and travel
  • Will there be a court challenge?
  • A review of how to use the duties tests to determine executive exemption (supervision of at least two full-time employees, with significant input into hiring and firing decisions); administrative exemption (non-production role involving the exercise of discretion and independent judgment in significant matters) or professional exemption (artistic endeavors or learned task requiring at least a bachelor’s degree in a specific discipline).

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