Breakfast with Buckingham | Hidden Tax Savings for Real Estate Investors


March 12, 2020
7:45AM to 9:00AM


Buckingham Cleveland Office
1275 E. 9th Street
16th Floor

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With spring on the horizon, it’s the perfect time for business owners and investors to “clean up” their real estate holdings. Make sure you’re not over paying real property taxes by challenging the taxable value of your holdings by the end of March. A decrease in value may be supported by market conditions, loss of a key tenant, or if there is a triple-net lease on the property, among other things. Learn about recent developments that property owners can use to support a lower taxable value. Additionally, our Breakfast presentation will cover:

  • Important lease terms to reduce risk of a potential dispute;
  • How best to address real estate tax issues when buying or selling;
  • Tax incentives under the Opportunity Zone and InvestOhio program; and
  • Maximizing benefits from like-kind exchanges by investing in Delaware statutory trusts (DSTs).