Buckingham Hosts Two Interns of Law and Leadership Institute

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs LLC commenced its sixth year participating in the Law and Leadership Institute in July. The law firm hosted two high school interns, Tabitha Meers and Jessie “Elijah” Young at its Akron office during this week-long program.


The Law and Leadership Institute is a collaborative pipeline diversity program involving the Ohio State Bar Association, the Supreme Court of Ohio, Ohio Center for Law-Related Education, and Ohio law schools, with support from the Ohio State Bar Foundation and the Charles F. Kettering Foundation.  The internship is designed to provide students with real experience in the world of law following their second year in the pipeline program. The internship is a prize offered to students who have put in time and effort to complete five weeks of classes the summer after eighth grade, had the discipline to spend Saturdays during the school year learning writing and grammar, and made the continued commitment to attend classes for four weeks after their ninth grade year.

Meers and Young spent time talking with several Buckingham attorneys and staff to learn about the legal profession.

“I learned about legal positions that I had never heard of, and got to see the behind-the-scenes work of a law firm,” said Young. “This internship helped me decide that I do want to become a lawyer.”

“Buckingham attorneys and staff assisted me in learning the different aspects of law,” said Meers. “Interning at Buckingham for four days is the best opportunity I have ever had. There is not one favorite part of my week; I loved every minute, and I will never forget this experience.”

The program at Buckingham concluded on July 23 with a closing reception that was held at the Akron office.